​GOLD TRIM FRAME $ 65.00   This design uses subtle hints of pink and gray seashells accompanied by abalone, abalone and more abalone ! And if the beauty of the abalone isn't enough of an eye catcher, the Swarovski will do the trick !  Holds a 4"x 6" photo, glass and backing included.

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About the designs...... Each creation is a one of a kind design. I am constantly on the hunt for reclaimed pieces for my art. In the process of designing, I begin with a base composition of shapes and colors. I add a secondary design to compliment the first and so on. In the final stage of many of the designs, I find that my happiest moments come from adding a little bling of new and vintage jewelry and or the brilliance of sparkling rhinestones and crystals ....the happy dance of design !                                   Commissions are welcome.

PURPLE PASSION ​$65.00  An elegant beauty ! The purple seashells along the front border are meant to represent purple roses. I try not to play favorites...but I am hopelessly attracted to the simplicity, symmetry and color of this frame and of course, the triple row of ivory pearls, white pearls and accented by the lavender purple glass beads. As an extra surprise, notice the flicker of Swarovski crystals along the inner border of the frame. This frame holds a 5"x7" photo, glass and backing included.


​MIRRORED HEART FRAME $48.00   Three things that withstand the tests of time: seashells, river rock and love !  A perfect gift for so many occassions !!!  Over-all dimensions 10" x 10"

DRIFTWOOD FRAME  $ 45.00 This frame belongs in your hacienda by the sea! This is a delightful mix of colors. We have the warm brown of driftwood, peach river rock and seashells of purple, sea mist green and earth tones... with the pearl strand edging adding a delicate touch.  This frame holds a 6"x​8' photo, glass and backing included

WHITE BONNET SEASHELL FRAME $ 65.00 This frame has a beautiful rhythm of seashells and design. The "White Bonnet" seashells are featured here. Gorgeous pearlescent pieces of abalone surround the shells. The side borders are also decorated with abalone along with mosaic-like flower designs of abalone. The opening size is 8"x10"

​​​ SEASHELL CANDLE HOLDER  $135.00   I began this project by heating a sheet of plastic over a found seashell, creating a plastic seashell form then using the plastic form to make a Plaster of Paris mold. The one piece mold is hand painted in blues and turquoise colors. It is decorated with a wide variety of seashells, crushed stone, bling, rhinestones and starfish. Pieces of sea fan act as doilies for the candles.  This piece sparkles with rhinestone during the light of day and more so with the glow of candles by night. The over-all size is approx. 12"x 12"


OVAL FRAME ​$48.00  Radiating seashells give this frame a star quality. To the inside of the oval, the stranded baby seashells and stranded glass pearls lend a delicate touch while the pearl bead edging finishes the look. This frame holds a 5"x 7-" photo, glass and backing included.

PEARL & TURQUOISE FRAME ​$ 50.00  Beautiful browns, pinks and orange seem to just melt together on this frame. The frame edges are dipped in beach sand and finished off by strands of pearl and turquoise beads. Includes glass and backing , holds a 4"x 6" photo.

SUNGLASSES (SAMPLE) $34.00   A whimsical pair of shades ! ...custom order your shades !

​DOUBLE PEARL BORDERED FRAME​  $ 50.00   This frame embraces the subtle tones of blue, purple and light earth tone seashells. Embellished with blue and green rhinestones and the addition of abalone pieces, it becomes a sparkling eye catcher. The double rows of pearl border along the edges of the frame make it pretty to the eye no matter how you look at it !  Fits a 5"x7" photo, glass and backing included.

HUNTER GREEN FRAME ​$ 28.00  This vintage wooden frame is precious ! The distressed look of the original paint is probably due to following its owner though life. This little frame deserves to live on ! I gave it a simple, elegant design of olive green rhinestones dappled with abalone bits among the seashells. This frame fits a 4 1/4" x 4 1/2 inch photo, includes glass and backing.

COMMUNION $175.00   Communion represents the human desire to understand, explore and perhaps communicate with the universe beyond our own planet Earth. To the left, I depict space in it's natural state yet untouched by human technology. Moving to the right, is the presence ofsuch.The center piece on the forehead symbolizes the possible reality that some may already be communicating.   This is a hand painted, hand made Paster of Paris mold . This piece is ready to hang. It incorporates crushed shell, river rock, chunks of coquina shell and salvaged electronic parts.

​​​​​​​​​​​THE ROSE ​$ 42.00  The surface of this frame is as smooth as glass yet the underlayment of a copper foil like texture has a trompe l'oeil effect. The seashells become the roses. How pretty is that ?! At the top,center of the frame, you will find a vintage golden earring with a tiny pink rose and a dangling amethyst glass bead. This table model frame

holds a 4"x 6" photo with a surround of brown rhinestones. Glass and backing included.

BOUQUET OF ROSES ​$65.00  A simply beautiful bouquet of coral pink seashells with pearls and diamond rhinestones. Perfect for photos or wedding announcement. This frame fits a 5"x 7" photo. Glass and backing included.

​The WEDDING FRAME ​$ 65.00  This frame has a taupe sand paint finish embellished with flat-back pearl beads, diamond rhinestones, abalone and rhinestones of different blues which represent the birthstones of both the bride & the groom (September and December) Fits a 5"x7" photo, glass and backing included.

A TOUCH OF PINK FRAME $52.00   Many subtle hues of pink dancing together in harmony make up this gorgeous design along with a mix of pearls and green Limpets. Holds a 5"x 7" photo

​​​BLACK BEAUTY $48.00  This gorgeous little black box has been transformed into a mesmerizing light show of dancing diamonds by candlelight ! The mirrored bottom adds a doubling of dancing light reflected by the rhinestones and starfish bling. It's absolutely entrancing !!! Tea lights usually burn between an hour and a half to two hours. I dare you to look away once the candle is lit !      dimensions: inner space 4"x 4", outer dimension 6"x 6", height 1 1/2"

METAL FRAME  ​$45.00  A rhythmic intertwining of beach sand, pink apple blossom seashells and sea green limpet shells are bordered by a lovely strand of sea mist green, pearl glass beads. This frame holds a 5"x7" photo, glass and backing included.

NAPKIN / LETTER HOLDER ​$ 55.00  This piece is hand made and hand painted. It sports over 60 Swarovski crystals, crushed stone, river rock, diamond rhinestone embedded star fish bling, glass pearls and an abundant variety of seashells....a unique, one- of- a- kind item !

STAR FISH metal frame ​$48.00  This bronze colored metal frame has a slotted top area where your glass and photo slide into...easy-peasy !  The star fish is the center of this design with the seashells and abalone completing its little world. The frame holds a 4"x6" photo, glass and backing included.

NAUTICAL FRAME with fish net ​​$ 40.00  This bamboo frame screams 1950's beach bungalow to me ! Be creative ! Hang your favorite fishing lure on the net ! Holds a 5"x7" photo,  glass and backing included.

SHADOW BOX ​$ 75.00  Made of pickled white pine, this box really blossomed into a Cinderella of a project ! Again, I find myself trying not to play favorites ...but this is just gorgeous ! ...Not only gorgeous but versatile. I can imagine baby's first set of booties, a special photo, wedding announcement, wedding keepsakes: bouquet flower, garter, something borrowed-something blue. The keepsake possibilities are endless ! I can suggest thumb tacking your item amongst the sea shells and covering the tack head with a small satin like floret, a flat-back pearl or a flat- back rhinestone of your color choice. If you have a specific keepsake in mind, I may be able to provide you with the tack cover. Let me know. The removable box top has a stationary glass front. The inside dimension of the box is 5"x7" and 1 1/2" deep.   

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CANDELABRA $125.00  The candelabra is a beautiful and rather romantic addition to indoor or outdoor dining or perhaps enjoying the glow of candlelight while soaking in a relaxing warm bath. The wood base measures 16" long, 3" high and 3 1/2 inched deep. The design includes peridot green and brilliant blue rhinestones topped with light turquoise Swarovski crystals and starfish from the sea.

NEVIN  ​$175.00  Nevin is also a handmade Plaster of Paris mold. (see item above for mold process)  It's a gorgeous array of seashells and abalone. This is a wall hanging. The hangar is included. This piece is approx. 12"x 12"

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FOUR PHOTOS FRAME​ $35.00  This precious little gem will hold 4 separate photos of 3"x 2 1/2". Imagine photos of your kids or grandchildren displayed here or (Aha!)...your most cherished pressed flowers ! This beautiful hardwood frame features blue, green and pink rhinestones and two resin cast starfish. Glass and backing are included.

EVELYN - welcome to the world !  $65.00   This frame was especially created for my friend Tracy and her husband, James. They just had their first baby ! Grandma gave me a peek at the nursery thru a photo... lavender and green. So, I followed suit with the colors in the frame. Along with the nursery colors, I added the baby's birthstone with green rhinestones since Evelyn's birthstone is emerald. Commissions for a similar frame are welcome. Pick your accent colors and initial. For a similar frame as a wedding gift, I would use pearl accents, diamond rhinestones, and whites with the initial of the last name. The glass window is 5"x7"

YELLOW GOLD ​$ 68.00  This sturdy solid wood frame is dedicated to the color yellow. It's easy to find accent pillows, furniture, towels and bedspreads with splashes of yellow. But I dare you to come up with a sophisticated, elegant picture frame that incorporates the same ! Fits an 8"x10'"photo, glass and backing included.

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